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Mechanical Engineer (Mizzou)

“As a summer intern at True Manufacturing, I work in the R&D Department.  This was a great combination of lab experience in a business environment.  During my time I conducted numerous test on refrigeration components.  The work I did during my time at True allowed me to use skills I developed in school, such as, data acquisition, programming, and problem solving.  It also presented me with practical applications of technical subjects like Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.  The internship opened the door for my career as a refrigeration designer for True.”


Information Technology (SIUE)

“The co-op program at True is one of the best in the St Louis area for college students. True devotes a lot of time developing and then eventually relying on co-ops to operate as full-time team members. After spending a few years studying course material at my university, it was nice to finally apply that knowledge to a real-world environment. Working in the IT Department offers a unique experience that other departments might not receive. In IT, you are working to resolve technology-related issues ranging from office personnel, to the factory, and even to our team members in other countries. The co-op program gave me a foot in the door at True and eventually led to a full-Ttime job opportunity after graduation.”


Process Engineer (Mizzou)

“My coop at True was a huge step forward in my education and my career.  As an upperclassmen in an engineering program, I was looking for real world engineering experience prior to graduation.  The position at True offered just that.  True is very vertically integrated so there were a wide range of processes and projects that I was able to work on.  True gave me the opportunity to prove myself through large projects which ultimately led to a full time job offer. That job offer has now led to a management role in the production engineering group. In that role, I work to give the new coops the same types of experiences and job opportunities that I was able to benefit from.”


Production Engineer (Missouri S&T)

“Entering the co-op program at True Manufacturing was very rewarding.  I experienced working in an office with seasoned engineers and spent a sizeable amount of time on the factory floor learning manufacturing process first hand.  We were given important projects and made impactful changes, not just errands and busy work common at other companies.  Working for True not only expanded my skill set and gave me experience in production engineering, it also positioned me to earn a full time job when I finished college.“


Quality Control (Missouri S&T)

“True has been a great company to work for. During my co-op I had many hands on experiences and learned a lot about the manufacturing process. These experiences have helped me become a better engineer and land a full time job."


Production Engineer (Missouri S&T)

“My startup at TRUE was not the typical internship as I was hired full time in the factory.  However, I was given the opportunity to work with the Engineering staff after a couple months of working on the job.  The training period consisted of working both on the floor and in the office learning the proper practices that the Engineering Dept. followed and instituted within the manufacturing environment.  TRUE allowed me to work one-on-one with the Engineers a couple days a week to get hands on experience, utilize my degree, and have direct involvement with decisions that would impact the floor and fabrication of the units.  The internship was very beneficial in my growth as a person and insight on what the engineering field consisted of.  It allowed TRUE to evaluate my potential for full time employment in the Engineering Dept. as well as allowed me to assess the manufacturing environment to make a decision for my future occupation.  Due to the superb experience I had within my internship at TRUE it was an easy decision on my future direction of employment and I continue to grow within the company as a Full Time Production Engineer.  It also generated a new requirement in the dept. that all new hires are to work on the production floor to get an understanding of how the manufacturing process works and the direct impact decisions have on the assembly process.”


Information Technology (SIUE)

“As an Application Developer Intern in the IT Department at True, I learned more than I ever would have thought possible. As a sophomore Computer Engineering student, I was looking for an internship that could provide me with real world experience as a developer, as well as the opportunity to learn more coding languages to increase my versatility as a developer. Because of the great people in the IT Department at True, I learned to code in ASP.NET, SSRS, and SQL all while gaining real work experience. The experience I gained in coding as well as the experience working as a team and communicating with my co-workers at True are sure to be invaluable as I move forward with my career. I have really enjoyed my time at True and would highly recommend the internship/co-op program here.”

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