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Gravity Feed Organizers

Trueflex® is a gravity feed organizer used to maximize cooler pack-out while keeping beverage products towards the front of the cooler. Just three Trueflex® sizes accommodate over 20 True models.

For more information, view our Trueflex® Gravity Feed Organizer brochure.

True merchandiser Trueflex® gravity feed organizer


  • Back bar prevents bottles from leaning against back wall of cooler.
  • Optimum air flow ensures rapid pull down to serving temperature.
  • Easy to install. TrueFlex® glides snap on to standard wire shelves, thus making it possible to  retrofit older coolers equipped with flat shelves.
  • Double front bars and high side walls prevent bottles from tipping.
  • Includes Shelf Retainer Clips that keep shelves from sliding into door. Eliminates zip ties and service calls.
  • Single glides offer flexibility to display multiple packages on the same shelf.
  • Enhanced silicon “slip” agent improves gravity feed performance.
True merchandiser Trueflex® gravity feed organizer
True merchandiser Trueflex® gravity feed organizer

Available Models

GDM-49-LD Unit shown with optional additional shelves.
  • GDM-10-LD
  • GDM-10-58-LD
  • GDM-12-LD
  • GDM-19T-LD
  • GDM-30-LD
  • GDM-41C-48-LD
  • TAC-14GS-LD
  • TAC-30/30GS-LD


  • GDM-14RF-LD
  • GDM-33-LD
  • GDM-35-LD
  • GDM-37-LD
  • GDM-41-LD
  • GDM-43-LD
  • GDM-45-LD
  • GDM-47-LD
  • GDM-49-LD
  • GDM-69-LD
  • GDM-72-LD


  • GDM-23-LD
  • GDM-26-LD

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