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Procedures for Warranty Compressor Reimbursement or Replacement

For U.S. and Canada customers only.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1.636.980.8510

For customers outside the U.S. and Canada, please visit our International Support page.

1. Call in the failure of the compressor to 1.800.325.6152 and ask for the Service Department. Have the serial number of the cooler ready.

2. Take a picture of the defective compressor tag and submit it to True via one of the following methods:

The picture must be clear and readable and include the whole tag. All numbers will need to be read to verify that the correct compressor was still installed in the cooler. In your submission, include the cooler's serial number and also the ship-to address (if requesting shipment of another compressor). Once the tag is verified, the compressor will be sent out at no charge.

3. If a picture is not something that can be done, then the compressor can be purchased from any of our Parts Depots in your area. Once the compressor has been changed out, the tag can be returned to the depot, and credit will be issued once the tag is verified. To find the nearest Parts Depot in your area, please call 1.800.325.6152 and ask for the Parts Department or Warranty.

4. If you have an account with True, then a compressor can be ordered and shipped out. You will be billed for the compressor. Once the compressor has been changed out, the tag can be returned to True for credit after tag verification. Return the tag by email to [email protected] or fax it to 1.636.980.8510.

5. If a compressor is purchased locally at a distributor not affiliated with True Manufacturing, the remaining compressor warranty will be voided.

6. If the compressor is purchased local, please send in a priced copy of the invoice from the compressor purchase along with the tag. Once the tag is verified, then True will reimburse the compressor purchase up to the amount that the compressor could be purchased from True.

Claims must be received within six months of the repair date.  

If the technician calls in the failure and is told that the cooler is under warranty, this does not mean that the compressor will automatically be no charge or credited. The end user must have abided by True's Warranty terms included with the cooler, and all tags must be verified for proof that True's compressor was still installed in the cooler. Please note that a start component failure would not be covered under compressor only warranty, the compressor itself must fail.

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